Conversations on the Edge of Silence
Non-Dual Awareness in the Helping Relationship

Gunung Agung, the embodiment of silent presence, heartbeat of the Balinese way of wisdom

Letting Living Awareness Transform and Renew your Work with People

For coaches, counsellors, therapists, and those who would like to deepen their connection with the unseen yet inexhaustible well-springs of healing and transformation

  • Take time to reflect on the deep source of your work and life
  • Enjoy the company and wisdom of fellow professionals
  • Deepen familiarity with the Common Ground and Source of both Self and Other
  • Discover the extraordinary transformational power of that Source
  • Learn to let that subtle awareness imbue your life and work
  • Discover the beauty and peace of Nature as a powerful partner in the unfolding of transfomative conversations
  • Renew yourself in our magical and subtly supportive healing retreat at the heart of the Sidemen valley


Price: €  (US$675)
Commences: 26 August – 1 September 2015
Duration: 6 nights, 5 full days
Inclusions: Twin-share accommodation, all meals, course fee, traditional blessing, participation in twice-daily group Awareness Meditation practice, any Self Unfolding movement sessions
Options: Room sole occupancy: additional 120 for 6 nights.
Exclusions: Credit card charges, bank transfer fees, govt taxes and fees
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In this programme, conversations on the edge of silence are both the subject we are exploring and the means to that exploration. As we delve into the transformational power of conversations imbued with silence, we interact with each other in a way that enlivens that spacious silence amongst ourselves.

Our process is not linear, but one in which we circle around our core topic, touching each other and the key themes of import to each of us as they naturally arise.

We do not work systematically through a formal agenda, but rather take a shared direction in which what we explore emerges naturally in the space between us from among our respective needs and interests.

All is grist for the mill, both arising from non-dual awareness and enlivening our appreciation of that awareness.

Some Key Themes

The Nature of Silence

– The relationship of silence, spaciousness, and pure awareness
A frameless frame in which conversations unfold naturally in a way that is transformational and healing – both one-to-one and in the group
– Silence as a backdrop for both those holding the space and those exploring issues that matter

Silence and Non-Duality

– The groundless ground in which the one exploring and the one accompanying meet and abide
– The context in which the unsolveable and irreconciliable are resolved

Silence and Presence

– Silence as a portal to presence
– Presence as a doorway to the self-unfolding dynamics of inner experience
– Presence, the Self-reflexive Being in which contradictions are naturally held and resolve themselves

– Letting go, letting be, and letting come
: Presence and allowing the natural 'Wave of Unfolding'

Expression and Silence: Foreground and Background

– Allowing defining expressions of our worldview to emerge naturally
– Honouring such expressions and allowing them to transform naturally
– Gently deconstructing unhelpful defining expresssions
– Noticing attachments to
– Letting go of the arbitrary attachment to such pseudo-grounds, and 'resting' in the Groundless Ground

Stillness and Energetic Unfolding

– Silence, stillness, and the spontaneous unfolding of the energetic body
Tuning in to knots and blocks in the physical and emotional body and allowing them to unfold naturally through both stillness and movement
– Allowing rest and silence to complete the inegration of what arises


Day 1 Arrival by 2 pm, registration, and getting settled. Opening and Traditional Blessing

Days 2 - 6 Typical Structure

  • Morning Awareness Meditation and Stretching
  • Breakfast
  • Morning Session (approx. 2 - 2.5 hours)
  • Lunch and Quiet Time
  • Afternoon Session (approx. 2 - 2.5 hours)
  • Evening Awareness Meditation and Stretching
  • Dinner
  • Moving Meditation and Energetic Unfolding

Day 7 Awareness Meditation, Breakfast, Final Blessing and Closure



More Photos

Group session
Edge of SilenceEdge of Silence
In conversationIn conversation





'I appreciated the very gentle way things flowed and unfolded on our programme.'
– J. D., New York, 2009

'The awesome beauty of The Nirarta Center provides a magnificent “Holding Environment” for the words that point to that which is beyond words.'
D. O., VT, 2015

'I returned to my practice with renewed enthusiasm and subtle shift of emphasis which transformed the quality of my work with clients.'
– D. J., Washington, 2010

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