Experience Deep Transformation in Bali!
Release! Awaken! Enjoy!
The Journey Unfolds

Release blocks. Awaken to your true nature. Laugh and play in the fullness of life!

Join us in a profound transformational encounter to

  • Enliven creative potential
  • Free powers of self-expression
  • Unleash passion and excitement for life
  • Neutralize the emotional knots holding you back
  • Renew focus and direction
  • Create harmony and flow with your context
  • Realize the deep unifying Source of Life present within all things
  • Discover a unique holistic approach to personal development


Price: € 975
Duration: 6 nights, 6 days, 25 - 31 July
Inclusions: Full-board in shared accommodation; course fee; all materials; evening of Balinese dance and celebration; traditional ceremony of cleansing and blessing.
Options: Room sole occupancy: additional 120.
Exclusions: Credit card charges, bank transfer fees, govt taxes and fees, airport transfers



Seminar Themes

  • Deep Transformation, ‘The Way of Unfolding’, and Living Awareness
  • The Natural Processes of Change, Learning, Growth, and Unfolding
  • The Way of Unfolding Compass, its place in Balinese life and our own
  • Keys to Living Awareness: Fundamentals of Performance & Alignment
  • Five Facets of Creative Unfolding
  • Balancing Expression and Inwardness with Meditation and Movement
  • Balancing Purpose and Focus with Connection and Relationship
  • Awakening to Our True Nature

From Deep Transformation to Awakening with the Way of Unfolding

In this seminar, we embark on a profound inner journey to connect with the creative well-springs of deep transformation within us.

Our approach is holistic, balancing dynamic expression through free movement, drawing, etc., with inwardness through quiet meditation and reflection.

In the process, we inevitably face and transcend life-patterns that have been holding us back, as we deepen our connection with each other, with nature, and with the spirit of life itself.

In effect, the natural unfolding of our creativie process stimulates transformation and awakening during the programme, while offering a Way to maintain that momentum and openness on our return.

As we grow in alignment with the pattern unfolding within and without us, our lives become easier, innocently sustained by the natural flow of life itself.

Our path is inspired by a unique synthesis of Western and Eastern approaches to creative development, drawing extensively on the holistic traditional life-wisdom of Bali and Balinese Tantra.



07.30-08.15 Morning Stretching and Awareness Meditation
08.30-09.30 Breakfast
09.30-12.30 Self-unfolding movement followed by work with expressive media to stir personal process. Exploring and unfolding emerging patterns in pairs and in the group
12.30-14.00 Lunch and Relaxation
14.00-15.30 Connecting with the Transformational Power of Nature; Small Group Process
15.30-17.30 Afternoon Expressive Session
17.30-18.00 Break/Shower
18.00-18.45 Evening Awareness Meditation
19.00-20.00 Dinner
20.00-21.30 Community gathering and tuning in to what is unfolding in our personal and group fields; expressive movement and/or artistic performances

More Photos

Balinese Dance –Legong
Self-Unfolding Movement


'I entered Peter’s course with a certain degree of trepidation. I had never done much meditation before, and was a bit uneasy about the concept of ‘expression’. What exactly would that involve? Though by nature an expressive person, I have always found it difficult to allow myself to be truly vulnerable and open, even amongst friends. So honestly, the thought of inwardness expression frightened me a little.

Now, a month later, I can truly say that the seminar was everything I feared, and yet everything I had unknowingly wished for. I was challenged in ways that made me sit up and pay attention, and explore myself to depths I had not thought possible. The use of a wide range of different and unusual modes of expression such as free movement, drawing and free writing gave me the freedom to explore my emotions, and connect with myself in ways I had not previously known how. It helped open up restrictions formed by my preconceptions of what expression should be, and what sort of results I could expect.

The place itself is stunning; I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect setting for this course. The isolation and natural beauty allowed me peace to not only connect with myself, but feel totally at one with the nature around me. In addition, the incorporation of Balinese traditions – such as a visit to a local healer and a cleansing ritual at a sacred Balinese temple – was very special experience. The opportunity to integrate my own quest for self awareness within the Balinese culture in such a beautiful and unique way, made the experience all the more poignant.

The seminar has not given me answers, but has showed me the path towards asking the right questions. I feel more grounded, and happy with the knowledge that I have the strength and courage within myself to face new challenges and changes in my life, without having to look for that strength elsewhere.

I feel blessed to have had this opportunity to connect with myself within such a wonderfully warm and beautiful place.

Thank you, Peter.'

– D.R-.R., United Kingdom

'I have always loved to travel to see new places but the most fascinating and surprising trip is the one I did inside myself in Bali. The Unfolding retreat has been a disclosure of myself to myself. This experience is the best present any person can give themself, it opens doors you were not even seeing before. It is difficult to describe, because it is not something you can touch but for sure you feel and see and smell it. '

– Daniela Pasero, Italy

'Ho sempre amato viaggiare, ma solo a Bali, con Peter sono riuscita ad affrontare il vero viaggio, quello che mi ha portato a conoscere chi sono, cosa voglio, dove voglio andare......
Sono riuscita per la prima volta ad abbandonarmi alla parte inconscia di me e lasciare che mi parlasse senza limitazioni dettate dalla ragione. La sensazione è quella di essere finalmente a casa. E’ stata la scoperta di infinite possibilità. Dopo Bali la mia vita è cambiata radicalmente pur essendo io rimasta la stessa, la differenza è che ho iniziato ad amare ed accettare tutte le parti di me. Oggi posso dire di sentirmi completa.'

– Daniela Pasero, Italy

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