Patterns in Relationship
Opening to the Alchemy of Love

Enjoy deeper and more fulfilling relationships

For those in long-term relationships – or who want to be – and wish to

  • gently release old sources of fear, sadness, and anger
  • come into a more intimate relationship with your body, mind, emotions, and spirit
  • release the power and passion of the vital energy within
  • renew your sense of who your are and what you truly want in life
  • embrace life so that in awakening to yourself you become fully available to others
  • meet your partner in a spirit of independence and commitment
  • enjoy sharing happiness, sensuality, and sexuality to the full
  • align your relationship for continuous unfolding in daily life



Price: € 325. Early bird rate, till 10 Jan. €275
Commences: 28 – 31 January 2016
Duration: 3 nights, 3 full days
Inclusions: Shared accommodation, all meals, programme, optional morning & evening group meditation
Options: Room sole occupancy: additional 120 per night.
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Most people prefer to live with others than alone. Yet relationships are rarely easy for long.

Relationships quickly mirror what is unresolved in ourselves, cajoling us – sometimes painfully, sometimes delightfully – to change and grow.

What happens in our relationships tends to repeat, until the lessons have been learned and we have matured.

Relationships have been called the ‘yoga of the West’. They are often our main spiritual practice, yet we have little help, apart from the bittersweet gifts of experience.

This workshop will help you recognize the deep patterns running through your primary relationships. It will also provide a map or compass for truly healthy and satisfying relationships.

You will discover the key tendencies behind your patterns and stimulate the kind of release and renewal that true awareness and understanding bring.


  • Pattern and its Play in the Dance Between Self and Others
  • Levels of Patterning in Personal Unfolding
  • Core Patterns In Individuals and Couples
  • Cultural Patterns Influencing Relationship
  • Points of View and the Relational Field in Couples
  • Common Patterns in the Choreography of Couples:
    • Separateness and Connectedness
    • Autonomy and Dependence
    • Freedom and Control
    • Togetherness and Aloneness
    • Closeness and Distance o Fear and Safety, etc.
  • Energetic Blocks and Flow Within and Between People: Subtle Boundaries and How to Transcend Them
  • The Relationship Dance: Unfolding our True Self, While Being Fully with Others
  • Passion and Desire, Excitement and Ecstasy
  • Form and Formlessness: Embodied Freedom and Fulfilment in the Relational Ground
  • A Compass for Love

Our Approach
Short presentations and experiential exercises, using mind, body, feeling, and senses, to stimulate insight and reflection, and to connect with the deeper patterns at play in ourselves and among each other. Group sharing and discussion to further understand, embrace, and release important patterns that emerge. We will offer a number of practices for mind and body within the programme to support development both during and after the programme. We will use expressive media and simple movement for a number of activities, so comfortable loose-fitting clothing is advised.



Schedule: 28-31 January 2016

Thursday: 15.00 – 18.00 Registration, Opening Blessing, Welcome/Orientation
Friday: 09.45 – 18.00 Sessions One & Two, evening moving together
Saturday: 09.45 – 18.00 Sessions Three & Four, evening moving together
Sunday: 09.45 – 18.00 Sessions Five & Six, closing

Session One: Patterns in Relationship

Introduction and overview to Patterns In Relationship

  • Our key and Compass for Loving
  • The art of enjoying ‘WISE’ Relationships

Reviewing our existing patterns in relationship with the Relational Matrix and discovering deeper underlying tendencies

Session Two: Choosing Wisely: ‘The Marriage of True Minds’

Three common entry points into relationship and the promise and pitfalls they bring

The importance of a shared outlook and worldview

  • Our experience relating to those similar or different to ourselves
  • The different love languages
  • Aligning values and worldview for harmony and growth

Session Three: Passion and Chemistry

The power of sexuality and subtle energetics – both inside ourselves and with others

Appreciating our own inner energetics:

  • How it flows in the body and where it is blocked
  • How we manage our own energy

Appreciating what happens with others:

  • How we connect and engage with others • Where we feel comfortable and at ease
  • Where we experience disconnection and difficulty
  • Common tendencies linked to many relationships
  • Tendencies appearing with particular individuals

Understanding our own patterns and what we can do to awaken our passion and enjoy ease, ecstasy, and fulfilment day by day

Session Four: The Heart of Love

The third entry point to relationship: emotional resonance

How the heart bridges mind and body inside ourselves and connects us empathically to others

What quality of care and presence do we

  • Bring to relationship
  • Expect from others

How we open and close emotionally to ourselves, the world, and to each other

  • What supports mutual connectedness and what interferes with it
  • How can we become more emotionally available to ourselves and each other

Session Five: Nurturing Intimacy

The fourth key to ‘WISE’ relationships: Intimacy

How Intimacy allows a relationship to become self-aware and fully engaged in its own unfolding

Giving time for innocent opening to what is unfolding in and through the ‘We’, so that through shared reflection

  • ‘My World’ and ‘Your World’ can meet and resonate in a common Field
  • And in this intimate Resonance, ‘Our World’ can develop and grow strong

Reviewing our experience of Intimacy in relationship and knowing how to ensure its presence in the future

Session Six: Not Two, Not One: Relationship as a Way of Awakening

The Fifth Element: The Relational Ground

  • Our Common Ground beyond me and you
  • Tuning into our Source where our differences and our Oneness meet
  • How Source Awareness infuses our relationships and draws us back to it through them

Enjoying Wholeness of life in and through relationship

Opening and enlivening the Compass for Loving in ourselves and with each other

Moving forward from our present patterns to the next phase of our unfolding in the crucible of love


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