Ecstatic Dance
Free Movement
Letting it Flow

Let go and free body, mind, and emotions

Enjoy a way of movement that provides minimum structure while letting you open to whatever you are experiencing – a form

  • simple enough for beginners
  • yet highly rewarding for those familiar with free movement

Follow the natural flow, as it

  • draws you into deeper levels of involvement
  • gives you healthy exercise without struggle and boredom
  • dissolves blocks and knots in the body
  • opens up the vital energy in the body
  • brings you joy, happiness, and well-being

Suitable for individuals and groups

Price: € 35 for individual, for groups, ask
Duration: 1-1.5 hours
Exclusions: Credit card charges, bank transfer fees, govt taxes and fees.


Ecstatic Dance

Enjoying the Beat

In our Ecstatic Dance sessions with music, we work through a simple wave, flowing naturally through it. We warm up slowly, letting momentum and intensity build, letting go of everything, enjoying expansion and freedom, before gradually returning to stillness.

Typically we will share something from our experiences afterwards, to deepen and integrate what opened for us in the process.

A typical Ecstatic Dance session takes from an hour to an hour and a half.


Ecstatic dances sessions are normally only available when Peter is at Nirarta.
Ask about availability.





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Chaos rhythm
Letting Go
Returning to Self


'The Ecstatic Dance sessions opened my my heart and body and gave me a taste of bliss.'
– M C, France, 2006

'One of the highlights of my stay was practising Ecstatic Dance, which really helped me relax, loosen up in a very enjoyable way.'
– S R, Russia, 2006

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