Unfolding Purpose and Direction:
From Inspiration to Action


For an overview of the Unfolding In Action Seminar Cycle, click here.

  • Recognize and connect more deeply with your sense of purpose
  • Take positive steps towards fulfilling it

Participants will:

  • touch a sense of the deep purpose guiding their lives
  • open to a vision of the way forward
  • choose a practical direction to connect vision and action
  • make allies of the interferences that can sabotage success
  • prepare to take next steps to fulfil their dreams and destiny
Price: € 1089
Commences: 30 Dec 2008 7 Jan 2009
Duration: 8 nights, 8 days
Inclusions: Full-board in shared accommodation, course fee, airport transfers, all materials, evening of Balinese Dance, three outings/temple visits.
Options: Full participation in Mawinten Ceremony of cleansing and dedication –  145
Room sole occupancy: additional 120.
Exclusions: Credit card charges, bank transfer fees, govt taxes and fees.

Seminar Themes

  • Unfolding In Action: walking the edge between creating and receiving
  • Recognizing and connecting with our Ultimate Purpose
  • From Ultimate to Personal Purpose: our unique way of expressing Ultimate Purpose in this life
    • Tuning in to the seeds of transformation in our context that speak to us
    • Hearing and heeding the call
    • Opening to the creative vision
    • From vision to action: choosing a pathway and direction
  • Pitfalls on the path: The dark side of the Hero’s Journey
    • Embracing the shadow: honouring and passing beyond self-sabotage
    • Uniting contraries to enhance alignment
  • Embracing the ordinary: being in the here and how
  • Renewing the vision: fulfilling purpose over time


Everybody loves to learn more, develop new abilities, fulfil his or her potential, and succeed and grow as a person.

Unfortunately, we often feel that what we are doing is less than what we know to be possible. We may be unsure of the right path for us. Or we know the path but cannot take it or give it our all.

Through simple exercises and careful focus, participants will connect with their deepest values and touch a sense of the deep purpose guiding their lives.

They will become aware of the strange mix of possibilities and restraints calling for their attention in their context and open to a vision of the way forward, even in the ordinary circumstances of everyday life.

While choosing a practical direction to connect vision and action, participants will take time to meet the shadows of doubt and resistance that can sabotage success.

Integrating unhelpful contradictions, they will prepare to take the next steps in fulfilling their dreams and destiny, wherever that may lead.

Our Approach

A mix of methods – including short talks, discussion, and practical exercises using a variety of media.

We are attentive to the processes unfolding, as reflected both in individual participants and in the group as a whole.

Each day includes

  • periods of meditation and reflection
  • opportunities for dynamic expression
  • sensitivity to the multi-levelled currents of intent urging us to action
  • attentiveness to relationships with ourselves and the larger whole

A Typical Day:

07.30     Awareness Meditation
08.30     Breakfast
09.30     Morning Session
12.45     Lunch
14.15     Afternoon Session
16.30     Small Groups and Free-time
17.30     Awareness Meditation
19.15     Dinner
20.15     Evening Entertainment/Group Activities



  • Programme begins with Registration, 10.30 am, 30 December 2008
  • Programme ends with Lunch on 7 January 2009

Part 1: Connecting with Purpose (3.5 Days)
Through a number of simple yet powerful processes, we enliven in our awareness a deep sense of personal purpose

Day 1: Opening

  • Registration
  • Blessing and seminar dedication at High Priest’s House
  • Seminar introduction and overview
  • Examining current personal and professional tendencies and the patterns they point to

Day 2: Unfolding – Personal History

  • Connecting with the unfolding pattern of one’s life as a whole
  • Identifying underlying tendencies and patterns
  • What direction to future growth do they suggest?

Day 3: Purpose and Values

  • Through important privileged moments we begin identifying our higher purpose
  • Exploring our deeper values, we gain insight into the core values that ultimately motivate us
  • Discovering ‘Life Metaphors’ deep patterns unfluencing our current direction and habits

Day 4: From Purpose to Calling

  • Creating our own personal mandala to support Alignment
  • Crystallizing our sense of purpose and alignment with it
  • Visiting Goa Lawar (Bat Cave) Temple and beach – the temple where the Balinese honour the greater pattern connecting us to Society and the greater ecology
  • Tuning in to our sense of Calling

Day 5: Saraswati Day – Celebration Day of the Goddess of Wisdom, Learning, and the Arts

Visit to a traditional healer/and or High Priest home celebrating Saraswati Day, with opportunity to participate in a sacred Mawinten Ceremony of purification and dedication before undertaking deeper learning and study (optional participation).


Part 2: Fulfilling Purpose (3.5 Days)
We deepen our connection with Purpose, discovering how best to fulfil and manifest it in our lives, while integrating the doubts and interferences that can undermine commitment as allies

Day 6: From Calling to Vision and Inspiration

  • Review of Part One and Introduction to Part Two
  • Connecting with our sense of Purpose and tuning in more deeply to the Calling arising from our context at this time
  • Pilgrimage to one of the strategically sited temples not far from Nirarta, where it is easy to tune into our Vision and Inspiration

Day 7: Clarifying the Pathway

  • Elaborating our Vision and Inspiration
  • Testing its ‘fit’ with our Calling and checking for interferences
  • Discerning the right Pathway for realizing our Vision and Calling

Day 8: From Personal Purpose to Action

  • Identifying and testing commitment to the next steps that lead to fulfilling purpose on our return
  • Using our personal mandala to test the alignment of our Purpose with the balance and ecology of how we are to manifest it in the world
  • Final check for doubts and interferences and integration of interfering qualities as key resources
  • Celebration: embodying our Purpose and its expression

Day 9: Closure

  • Celebration of the festival of Pagerwesi Day – Day of the Iron Fence
  • Cementing commitment and clarity of purpose, pathway, and action

And, if you stay on....

The day after the seminar ends is the 14th anniversary of the founding of Nirarta, stay and celebrate with us!

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This is the first time we are holding this programme at Nirarta. Pilot programmes held non-residentially overseas have been well received.

what a great course!

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