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One way in which we fulfil the intention of the World Network for Global Unfolding at Nirarta, is by supporting education in Bali.

People in prosperous developed countries can easily forget how precarious life is for many people in other parts of the world – including economically vibrant Bali.

Here in east Bali, in spite of compulsory education, a number of pupils do not attend primary school, and even more leave after middle school. Children can't attend school without uniforms, and many can't even afford shoes. Fewer still, among the brighter children, can afford to continue to college or university after senior high school. Yet, a small sum could help a child continue and complete education.

Education is not expensive by Western standards, but the costs of uniforms and fees (beyond primary school) may be prohibitive for poor families. Without socialized medicine, sickness in a family can quickly plunge a household into debt, requiring everybody in the family to seek work.

In our county, as elsewhere, the cushion of government scholarship and charitable donation to help bright children of poor families is insufficient, particularly in rural areas.

At the same same, government supplies of books and equipment to schools can be erratic.


The Nirarta Scholarship Fund

The Nirarta Scholarship Fund aims to help local schools and needy but able students. A small donation as a lump sum, or on a regular basis, can make a big difference to a young person’s life.

We personally ensure that all funds go directly to help students and schools, so you can be assured that any contribution you make will be well used. If you would like to help, please let us know. Cash donations are welcome and funds can be transferred to our scholarship account.

BCA (Bank Central Asia),
Jl Diponogoro Nr 40, Klungkung, Bali, Indonesia,
Swift Code: CENAIDJA
Account Peter John Wrycza, Nr 3950087071

Thank you for your help!




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