Milestones in the History of Nirarta

The Place

January, 1995 initial purchase of 0.33 hectare of clove woodland
August, 1995 purchase of 4 ara (400 sq. m.) for car park and part of access road
October, 1995 groundbreaking, clearing of clove trees and creation of access road
December, 1995 raising of the first ‘kubu’ shelter overlooking the river
January, 1996 work begins on the kitchen and dining area
February, 1996 work begins on master bungalow
September, 1996 work begins on 2-room bungalow for staff and guests
25 December, 1996 initial housewarming ceremony; Peter moves into the master bungalow
23 January, 1997 first guests, welcomed by a sudden squall and lightening: Sachiko from Japan, plus three passers-by from the States and France, who happened to drop in at the same time
March, 1997 electricity connected
May, 1997 boring of 45-metre deep well for water
July, 1997 purchase of a further half-hectare of rice fields to the south of Nirarta
August, 1997 completion of water-tower
December, 1997 purchase of 6 ara to the north of the car park
January-February, 1998 building of stone stairway to the river
March, 1998 purchase of 10 ara to the south of the car park
March, 1998 telephone connected
May, 1998 work begins on two new bungalows – Saraswati to the north of the brick bungalow, and Hastadala to the south, and to the west of the car park
8 December, 1998 groundbreaking for 4 staff rooms to the south of the site
3 January, 1999 small ceremony to open the new bungalows for guests
10 October 1999 groundbreaking for the Meeting Room
July, 2000 construction resumes for the Meeting Room
August, 2000 purchase of 4 ara below the steps by the river. Hot showers in Hastadala & Saraswati bunglows for Russian leadership seminar
1 January, 2001 informal opening of new Meeting Room
23 September, 2001 formal dedication of the Meeting Room and Family Temple (Me Las Pas)
July, 2002 construction of new thatched Bale Sekenem pavilion in the centre of the garden
January, 2003 purchase of 20 ara of orchard by the river – river swimming now possible
April, 2003 cataloguing and collection of over 130 medicinal plants at Nirarta
May, 2003 completion of purchase of 14 ara, behind Saraswati and Timur bungalows
8 January 2005 Celebration of 10 years of Nirarta with 'Darma Wacana' given for the village at Pura Dalem Cepik by inspirational Balinese high priest Ida Pedanda Made Gunung
23 May 2005 'Melaspas' blessing ceremony for new 2-room Parwati bungalow, large-group kitchen with grass roof, and our statue of Ganesha
June 2005 building of the Bale below Nirarta, by the river
August 2005 Creation of path above the river and steps down to the 16 aras of garden to the south
23 September 2005 groundbreaking ceremony for the new bungalow for silent retreats by the river
26 January 2006 'Melaspas' blessing ceremony for Gangga bungalow by the river
September 2006 groundbreaking for new 2-storey 'Uma' bungalow by the river
October 2006 addition of new traditional 'bale' for ceremony in the Nirarta family temple, and work begins on enclosing wall around the Nirarta family temple
April 2007 completion of Uma Bungalow
May 2008 new matching duvets replace blankets in all rooms
September 2008 work begins on new office-studio overlooking the river
May 2009 dedication of new Study, Massage, and Office rooms
September 2010 purchase of 10.2 ara giving direct road access
November 2010 dedication of Tara Room and new kitchen below
May 2011 work begins on new car park and Reception
2012 building of Lakshmi Bungalow
2014-2015 renovation of Master Bungalow (dedicated April 2015)
October 2015 renovation of Saraswati Bungalow begins
May 2016 renovation of Hastadala Bungalow begins
30 December 2017 finishing touches to transformed Hastadala...ready for guests
March 2017 work begins on new Shiva & Buddha, meeting rooms
27 May 2018 Melaspas ceremony to dedicate new meeting rooms
August 2018 floors of new meeting rooms, Shiva & Buddha, completed
12 September 2018 work begins on dining room renewal and extension

23 November 2019

small blessing to open new dining area

31 December 2019 we open our new kitchen
8 January 2020 we celebrate Nirarta's 25th Birthday with small ceremony and meal together


The Centre

September, 1997 first seminar-retreat with one participant – Karine Nieuwelarts
August, 1998 substantial revision with Jan Ardui of The Way of Unfolding
14-29 January, 1999 first full seminar with 18 participants, co-led with Yaro Starak, ‘Healing Self, Healing the World’
August, 1999 organization with Jan Ardui of the core curriculum for Generative Patterning
11-25 September, 1999 seminar, ‘The Alchemy of Love’, first seminar for couples with Keth-Rose Paananen
15-22 August, 2003 Tirta Yatra, journey of personal integration with visit to the temples representing the nine directions and the basic elements of personal development
22 August, 2003 launching of Living in the Spirit, second book with Prof. Luh Ketut Suryani
26 June-7 July 2004 Nirarta hosts the 70-strong Peter Voss Team Atlantis group for the first time
18-29 August 2004 Performance in Alignment: Master Class in Coaching
July 2005 publication of When Performance Meets Alignment
15-29 August 2005 'Dynamics of Deep Transformation', first 2-week international training in the art of Re•Patterning
28 January 2006 inauguration on 'Siwalatri night' of the World Network for Global Unfolding and the International Academy for Transformational Coaching and Leadership


The Family

14 February 2000 marriage of Peter to Ida Ayu Putri (Dayu)
5 December 2000 birth of Ida Maya Teresa
30 May, 2002 birth of  Peter and Dayu's second daughter, Mira Amba Grace