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Batu Belah beach, north-east Bali – sea-salt production and fishing

Touch the Spiritual Heart of Bali

  • From the haven of Nirarta, delve into the best of East Bali
  • Connect with the heartbeat of Balinese culture in a way visitors rarely do
  • Discover the spiritual powerhouses of Bali, where Nature, Man, and the Divine converge in beauty
  • Make your stay one that touches your heart and soul as well as your eyes
  • Benefit from the company, insights, and experience of our English speaking guides
  • Travel in our well-maintained, air-conditioned cars for your safety and comfort
Price: From € 8 to € 83 per person
Duration: Mostly full day
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Inclusions: Tour Guide. Lunch or breakfast with most tours
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Bali Interior

Full-Day Sacred Tours : The Interior


Besakih, Kintamani, and Batur Sacred Bali Tour

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1 person: €  67
2 people: €  37
3 people: €  27
4 people: €  22
5 people: €  19

Duration: Full day from 9.00am

Meals: Lunch

After a short 45-minute drive from Nirarta, into the wooded hills close to Mount Agung, we reach Besakih, the enormous mother temple complex at the centre of Balinese spiritual life.

We pause for prayer and reflection in the main Penateran Temple honouring the three fundamental energies of life, at the peaceful and mysterious ‘Dark Temple’, and, time permitting, and at the King Cave Grotto with its natural stone arch.

From Besakih a short half-hour drive brings us to Kintamani, with some magnificent views of the crater lake below. We will enjoy an excellent buffet lunch on the rim of the caldera crater, overlooking the lake and volcano.

After lunch, we visit Batur Temple, honouring the aspect of the Divine connected to Water and the conserver of life, Wishnu, home also to a charming and powerful Chinese Buddhist shrine.

After Batur, we visit, the once forbidden sacred temple of Puncak Penulisan, long ago, as its name suggests, connected with writing. The temple, set high above a long flight of stairs, is a place where besides enjoying the peace and silence of the temple you can set your intention. You will see a collection of old Siva lingams and statues of Ganesha, before returning to Nirarta.


A Journey of Cleansing and Purification

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1 person: €  69
2 people: €  40
3 people: €  30
4 people: €  25
5 people: €  22

Duration: Full day from 9.00am

Meals: Lunch

We head up over the west side of the Sidemen valley, enjoying beautiful views of the Sidemen valley and Gunung Agung. We take the scenic route through Muncan winding across country to the clean upland city of Bangli, where we visit Pura Kehen temple, and a neatly laid out Bali Aga (old-tradition Balinese) village.

Arriving at Tirta Empul, we have the possibility of joining Balinese on pilgrimage to ritually bathe beneath a series of gushing springs said to heal and cleanse all manner of impediments. After bathing, we pray at the temple above, where an exquisite spring of clear, clear, water, sipped by swallows, bubbles up through swirling sand.

We make a short visit to Pura Mengening, a quiet and powerful temple and springs close by. On our way back, time permitting, we take the path down to some ancient Buddhist meditation caves at Gunung Kawi, An hour’s drive down through the historically important Pejeng village, brings us home in another 50-60 minutes. (Full day, departure 9.00 am, packed lunch and return for about 17.30).

East Bali

Full-Day Sacred Tours: East Bali


Stairway to Heaven: A Day of Prayer, Pilgrimage, and Many Steps

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1 person: €  63
2 people: €  35
3 people: €  26
4 people: €  21
5 people: €  18

Duration: Full day from 9.00am

Meals: Lunch

– Pura Lempuyang, Temple of Purity on Mount Seraya

We drive to the striking white sandstone temple, at the upper base of Mount Seraya, about 1 hour from Nirarta. At this starting point of the Pura Lempuyang complex, with its white dragon-lined staircase, we set our intention for our pilgirmage,

After prayers and offerings we begin the long hike and climb up many, many steps, through changing vegetation, and shifting views of mountains and sea, past the monkeys, to the mists and clouds, frequently cloaking the sweet and peaceful upper Lempuyang temple towards the summit of Mount Seraya.

Packed lunch, offerings, and, if time, after the descent, a dip in the spring water of Tirta Gangga, before we head home. (Departure 9.00am return approximately 17.00.)


East Bali Tour

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1 person: €  62
2 people: €  36
3 people: €  27
4 people: €  23
5 people: €  20

Duration: Full day from 9.00am

Meals: Lunch

Sacred Springs, Water Gardens and Palaces of the Kings of Karangasem

Skirting the foothills of Mount Agung, we pass through shady snake fruit plantations and markets, curling down towards the coast. We take a detour, to dreamy Telaga Tista, a simple, peaceful temple in a sacred spring-fed lake hidden outside a quiet village, beneath the grandeur of Gunung Agung.

We continue along back roads to Karangasem’s secluded county town of Amlapura, where we visit Puri Agung, part of the royal palace complex. Shops, banks, and market are nearby.

A short drive takes us to the recently restored Ujung Water Gardens laid out formally in a quiet site, just a stone’s throw from the sea. From Ujung, we drive a few kilometres to Tirta Gangga, breeze-cooled, royal bathing springs and water gardens, where we have lunch.

It is possible to swim in the clear fresh pool fed by holy water from the sacred spring. The spring itself passes eerily through a small shrine in a temple complex stretching up the hill shaded by enormous holy trees above the bathing pools.

We return through the traditional cultural and spiritual centre of Budakeling, and a Pande, blacksmith village. (Full day tour, departing at 9.00 and returning approximately, 17.00.)

East Coast

Klungkung and the East Coast


East Coast Tour

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1 person: €  65
2 people: €  37
3 people: €  28
4 people: €  23
5 people: €  21

Duration: Full day from 9.00am

Meals: Lunch

Bats, Beach, and ‘Bali Aga’

Heading down towards Klungkung, we turn off towards Kusamba, a centre of fish processing and salt production on the beach, opposite Nusa Penida.

Our next stop is Pura Goa Lawar, ‘Bat Cave Temple', associated with balance in the environment and the interconnectedness of life. We pray at the temple-cave, which like a huge ear twittering with myriad bats, leads into the hill, and, legend has it, goes all the way to the Mother Temple, at Besakih.

Crossing the road, we complete our visit with some moments of reflection on the beach, looking over towards the island of Nusa Penida.

Continuing towards the toursit centre of Candidasa, we visit the Bali Aga village of Tenganan, where people preserve the practices and traditions of old Pre-Majapahit times, including sacred natural-dyed “Gerinsing” double ikat weaving.

About 15 minutes from Candidasa, we will park and stroll down to a beautiful quiet white sand bay for fresh grilled fish lunch and young coconut, and, if you fancy, a swim. We return by the scenic route, up a quiet lane offering spectacular views of the coast and hills around. (9.00 – 17.30).


Semarapura and Surroundings

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1 person: €  41
2 people: €  22
3 people: €  15
4 people: €  12
5 people: €  8

Duration: Half Day

Meals: Not included

Art, Music, Sea, and Sky

On this tour, we drive to Nirarta’s closest town (20 minutes away) the county town of Klungkung, Semarapura (literally the ‘Palace of Love’.

Klungkung is Bali’s smallest regency, though it includes the island of Nusa Penida visible from its shores. Klungkung, twinned with Florence, has banks, shops, and an arts and crafts market.

We will visit Tirta Gosa, part of the royal palace, with its judgement pavillion, painted with Dantesque scenes graphically depicting the consequences of misdeeds, and a small museum and art gallery featuring paintings by the erstwhile Florentine resident of Bali, Amrosi.

From Tirta Gosa and the art market, we drive a few minutes south to Kamasan village, famous for the Kamasan style of traditional painting.

Then, on through the hamlet of Gelgel, once the centre of power and prestige, not only in this area, but in Bali as a whole, and one time home of Dhanghyang Nirarta, to visit the black-stone temple of Klotok, set on a black sand beach opposite Nusa Penida, inspiration to many Balinese Healers.

Our last stop takes us to Tihingan village, home to Gamelan and gong production, approximately 10 minutes away from the town. On the way back, time permitting, we can visit the private museum and collection of the artist Gunaksa. (Approximately 3 to 4 hours)

Sacred Mountain

The Sacred Mountain: Gunung Agung


Pasar Agung
Mountain Temple

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1 person: €  48
2 people: €  24
3 people: €  16
4 people: €  12
5 people: €  10

Duration: Half Day

Meals: Not included

Pasar Agung, considered the market place of the gods, is a spectacular temple and place of power and energy, with the sacred, brooding presence of Mount Agung above and spectacular views across south and east Bali below on clear days. A 45-minute drive to Selat, and beyond past the old lava flows, and the villages of Sebudi and Sogra (Heaven) into high altitude woods, to reach the temple car park, then a 20 minute walk up the stairs of a winding pathway to the temple proper.

This temple is best approached as the Balinese do as a pilgrimage to a source of energy and blessings. Balinese temple attire required (minimum sarong and sash). We can help you purchase or hire these. Your guide will bring offerings and orient you through the sweet and pure form of Balinese prayer.

This tour takes about 3.5 hours, although possibilities of walks and hikes further up, through the woods, and beyond the tree line up the mountain can make it a full-day tour.


Night Pilgrimage and Ascent to the Sacred Summit of Mount Agung

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1 person: €  83
2 people: €  44
3 people: €  30
4 people: €  24
5 people: €  24

Duration: Night and morning, from 2.00am

Meals: Breakfast

Climbing the volcano that dominates Bali physically and psychically requires a guide and 2-3.00 am start, beginning with a 45 minute drive to Pasar Agung Temple.

The hike starts from the Pasar Agung temple, with prayers to ask permission of the gods for your climb and to prepare your spirit for entering an area the Balinese consider the spiritual hub of the whole island, and so to be approached with care and respect.

A stiff walk up a winding path through the trees follows. Above the tree line. the way becomes stony and the last section over boulders and scree is quite demanding.

But for the hardy a great reward: breakfast at sunrise with spectacular views over Bali and Lombok from the summit, great views too inside the volcano crater. And then the descent, which is also quite hard on the knees and leg muscles on the way down. Only for the fit!

Back to Nirarta for some lunch, a snooze, and maybe a massage for sore legs. (2.00 am start, return late morning)


Padang Aji Spring and Mountain Walk

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1 person: €  41
2 people: €  21
3 people: €  14
4 people: €  10
5 people: €  8

Duration: Half Day

Meals: Not included

Padang Aji – home to a troupe of sacred Gambuh dancers – offers a pleasant upland walk from the village through high rice terraces, leafy glades, myriad cascading pure mountain springs, and some charming temple shrines. (From 3 to 3.5 hours)


'We appreciated the care and patience of your guides.'
– G K, Finland, 2006

'Finally, with your tour I felt I got to see some of the Bali I had been missing till now.'
– L M, Canada, 2007

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