Living Awareness Meditation Intensive
Unfolding Inner Energy and Awareness
Buddha statue at Nirarta

Let deep meditation transform your life from within

This programme is for those with some experience of meditation, those who would like to:

  • learn how to enter meditation more elffectiively
  • go beyond the distractions that sometimes hinder deep meditation
  • enjoy deep inner awareness during meditation
  • enliven inner energy and balance in body and mind
  • enjoy enhanced peace, balance, and health in daily life
  • accelerate realization of their true nature


Price: € 570
Commences: 26 - 31 July 2010
Duration: 5 days and 5 nights

Shared accommodation, all meals.

Options: Room sole occupancy: additional 100 per programme
Exclusions: Airport transfers, credit card charges, bank transfer fees
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Living Awareness Meditation

In this intensive, we offer instruction in, and extended experience of, ‘Living Awareness Meditation’ – a simple yet profound way to calm body and mind, connect with our Source and enjoy greater energy, intelligence, balance and well-being in daily life.

Living Awareness Meditation arose from Peter's study of traditional sources of Balinese wisdom combined with 40 years experience and practice of meditation, and a life-times exploration of higher states of consciousness and the unfolding of awareness.

Living Awareness Meditation brings traditional Balinese wisdom to life as a doorway to Awakening.



Our daily routine includes

  • Morning and evening group meditation
  • Special morning and afternoon advanced instruction in Living Awarenesss Meditation led by Peter
  • Yoga, streching, pranayam, and energy meditation
  • Question and answer sessions with feedback on experience
  • Evening talk and sharing around the unfolding of awareness and development of the whole person from Balinese and Western perspectives

Programme begins with lunch on the first day, and ends with lunch on day six.

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Group Meditation – Nirarta Staff

Individual Session

Energy Meditation


'Living Awareness Meditation has become the main practice in my everyday life.

I started it for professional reasons. If you work with people, the main instrument that you use in your work is yourself. If you can tune this instrument, your work becomes more exact, objective, beyond your own map and attitudes.

For this you need to constantly purify your mind, spirit, and body. Living Awareness Meditation helps me a lot with it!

From everyday practicie, I noticed other important effects in my life. For instance, healing changes in my body: less tension and tiredness, possibility of feeling and connection with inner energy which became a huge resource for me.

Also, peaceful state of mind. It’s very hard to describe. It's like a calm ocean at sunset, when you feel all this calmness and exiting depth deep inside.

Changes in my perception: Physically I even started to see much more clearly, like someone wiped my inner lenses.

And emotionally…I learned how to be able to perceive and accept things as they truly are, without inner anxiety, doubts or rejection but naturally with love, trust and openness.

I know there's still a lot of things I wish to learn to help myself to be what I truly am and always was. And Living Awareness Meditation is the most important part of this path.'

– J.B., Russia, 2010

‘Living Awareness Meditation turns into a fascinating journey for me. Each time it allows me to look deeper and deeper into myself, to observe and, dissolving in silence to keep me open for listening to my feelings.

I notice how I become more present in ‘now’ enjoying every moment. Calmness, lightness and inner harmony have appeared. I became more balanced and centered.

Everyday practice of meditation is bringing more purity, light, and goodness into my life. And this is an invaluable present for me!

Thank you, Peter, for this present!’

– I. L., Russia,Dec. 2010

‘Living Awareness Meditation helps me face myself.

Mostly, my conscious mind is wandering either in the past or the future and my thoughts shift chaotically, preventing me from focusing on important things in this moment. But through meditation I can “stop time” for some moments and feel myself here and how, connected to the present.

As a result of meditation, I feel my wholeness, inner fullness, and the connection between my mind and my body. Meditation helps me to feel my life and my consciousness is not only focused in my head, but spread through my whole body. And awareness flows, embracing, connecting, and intensifying my vital centers, while opening the path to my inner source.

When I feel myself fixating on a problem or non-resource state, meditation helps me to reset, to clean the inner screen of consciousness, and come out of tiredness. And this new state has become a trigger for new energy and power, for getting second wind and activating my inner resources.’

– E.R., Russia, 2010

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Purpose of Meditation

Ultimately, the purpose of meditation is to help us awaken to our true nature, that subtle Awareness, which is the ground and Source, not only of our individual selves, but of all that is.

True meditation is not intended as an escape from this world. It is a key to practical living. As our consciousness awakens, so do our abilities and achievements. Meditiation helps us become truly present to our experience in the here and now. We find that our minds and bodies function better. We enjoy more happiness in daily life. We become more creative and enjoy better relationships with others. And in bringing peace into our lives, meditation helps bring peace to our world. The practical benefits of meditation in daily life are many and immediate, while the long-term benefits of regular practice to the quality of life are enormous.


Types of Meditation

There are many kinds of meditation. Generally, their aim is to expand awareness, enhance mental clarity and focus, reduce stress, refresh the body, bring harmony to our relationships, and peace to our world.

Although there are many kinds of meditation practice, they may be grouped into a few 'families' of method, according to how they influence mind-body functioning.

Awareness Meditation, as practised at Nirarta, uses a mix of these methods.

  • Mindfulness or presence meditation practices
  • Introvertive or contraction/absorption meditation practices
  • Extravertive or expansion meditation practices
  • Energy meditation practices


Mindfulness or presence meditation practices

These practices assume that we usually forget about the knower or even
the process of knowing to lose ourselves in the various objects of experience.

We live absent-mindedly, often barely conscious of what we are seeing,
hearing, feeling or thinking.

Mindfulness practices attempt to bring us to greater awareness by emphasizing simple attentiveness to what is actually happening in our awareness in the here and now.


Introvertive or contraction/absorption meditation practices

These practices assume that there is a transcendental ground to experience that is 'smaller than the smallest', in and beyond every atom of thought, feeling, and perception.

They involve turning the attention within, directing it towards a chosen object of attention, which becomes increasingly present, but also increasingly subtle, until we pass beyond it to enter and rest in the simple expansiveness of pure awareness itself, beyond all thoughts and sensory objects of attention.


Extravertive or expansion meditation practices

These practices assume that everything we experience is always within our own consciousness, which as such is always 'larger than the largest'.

These practices bring our attention to the ultimate container of knowledge, our own awareness beyond all the various contents of consciousness.


Energy meditation practices

Energy meditations assume that integrated functioning of mind and body depends upon the free flow of a subtle energy which connects the different parts of the body.

When our subtle energy is able to flow freely, we are better able to maintain and enjoy awareness in our lives. We also enjoy great strength, power, and insight.

Energy practices stimulate and direct the flow of energy in the body. This may be a subtle internal process or it may become quite active.

As energy moves in the body, it can encounter blocks or resistance, stimulating sometimes dramatic spontaneous movements and shifts in breathing.

Afterwards we find ourselves more open in awareness and relaxed in body.

Such practice accelerates the ability of the body-mind to purify itself, enjoy better health, and to maintain higher consciousness.