Sacred Sidemen - Nine Directions Guided Walks
Sidemen Valley, from the West, overlooking Nirarta

Discover the Multi-Faced Beauty of the Sidemen Valley

  • Enjoy envigorating and inspiring walks in the clean air of the Sidemen Valley, nourishing your body, your heart, your mind, and your senses
  • Pass naturally from breathtaking views to hidden corners of mystery and quiet wonder
  • Touch the real Bali, behind the façade as you tap into the deep roots of the Balinese way of life in the land
  • Sense the balance and beauty of a world where people, nature, and the divine are seemlessly and subtly connected
  • Pass the time of day with ordinary Balinese folks as they go about their business
  • And, in between walks, take time to digest, rest, and recover, while enjoying the gardens and river at Nirarta.


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Duration: All walks, half-day
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Inclusions: English-speaking Balinese guide
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Exploring the Sacred Geography of the Sidemen Valley

Tradition, aided by Nature, makes of the Sidemen Valley a large mandala around the main Village. thereby establishing a sacred geography, surrounding, protecting the area, and connecting it with other parts of the island further afield. There are great walks in each of the principal directions.

Balinese tradition seeks nourishment and well-being by balancing the call and contribution of Nature, Society, and the Divine (Tri Hita Karana).

You can experience this by walking around the different parts of the Sidemen Valley and visiting some of the shrines and temples that punctuate places of power and meaning around the area.

Beauty, charm, and surprises await you at every turn.

Guide provided

While you can do many of these walks alone, we advise your taking a Balinese Guide, who can help you discover the magical corners of the Sidemen area off the beaten track.

He can also introduce you to the shrines and temples in the traditional way, to bring them alive, while avoiding offense to local sensibilities, turning each walk into a mini-pilgrimage in Nature.

Note: While some visitors prefer stout walking shoes, others may be content to do as the Balinese and walk in flip-flops, ideal for wet rice terraces and slipping on and off as we cross streams and irrigation channels.

A sarong and sash is required for entering temples and shrines.

The Nine Walks

Walks in the Sidemen Valley from Nirarta


Central Walk:
Sidemen village

2 – 3 hours


Up through Tabola for a round walk through the back alleys and quiet paths to and from the village of Sidemen, passing a number of shrines and temples important to the community. You can visit a Balinese family compound and see local weaving production, both ‘Songket’ (ceremonial brocade produced at home on simple strap-looms) and Ikat (produced in small family businesses on upright handlooms).

Weaving by Dayu Karang



West Walk:
Luah and Pura Bukit temple on the hill opposite Nirarta

2 – 3 hours


Across the river, through the village of Luah, and up the hill opposite, past ancient temples and sacred trees and up to Pura Bukit (Hill Top Temple). Wonderful views of Nirarta and the Sidemen valley from the top.



North West Walk:
Dukuh and Pura Dalem Bingin (Banyan Tree Deep Temple)

3 hours


A peaceful and charming walk across the river or through Tabola, near Luah, through the rice fields to a a hidden temple of power and beauty, around the upper part of the Unda valley to the village of Dukuh, and back through the village of Sidemen from the north.



North Walk:
Boan Village and Taman Sari Temple

2 – 3 hours


A short ride to the north of Sidemen and then fording the river to walk in the peaceful valley and rice terraces between the two road-routes to the north of Sidemen, through isolated Boan village, Bali as it was before modern times, and up through the gentle Taman Sari (Essence of Garden) Temple, climbing up the foothills and wooded hillocks, towards Mount Agung.



North East Walk:
Pura Dewangga Temple

3 hours


A bracing walk up a steep and winding path to a powerful temple on the top of a hill above Sidemen, with magnificent 360° views, including Gunung Agung. This sacred and secret temple has been a place of retreat and meditation for centuries, and its name (Divine Limbs) points to the way this temple gives protective energy throughout the Sidemen valley and over the town below.



East Walk:
Guminten and Taman Sari Temple

2 – 3 hours


Walk into the bamboo and salak woods in the valley above Sidemen where palm wine is distilled into the local spirit, ‘arak’. Return via Taman Sari, a small temple complex above Sidemen village. Some beautiful views. With a guide it is possible to visit the highest temple of this complex, Puncak Sari, a small and simple shrine beneath ancient trees on a ridge, with views on both sides, and often glimpses of monkeys swinging in the trees.




South-East Walk:
Kebung and Telaga Tawang

2 – 3 hours


A beautiful walk starting to the south of Sidemen and going through the rice terraces and wooded valleys off the beaten track, through the unspoilt village of Kebung, Taman Gansing temple with its sacred springs, round to Telaga Tawang stream and temple, a shrine from the days of the great holy men of legend who sought peace and solitude in the Sidemen valley.



South Walk:

2 – 3 hours


Across the river and to the villages and gentle river valley to the south of Sidemen. Kelungah is a particularly charming village off the beaten track. A circular walk is possible, along a raised pathway through the woods and hills above the valley and coming back up through the heart of the valley below.

Rice harvest



South-West Walk:
Sangem and the Telaga Waja Valley

2 – 3 hours


Across the river, to the south west of Nirarta, through the gap in the hills to Sangem to explore the other side of the hills surrounding Sidemen and the river valley on that side.


'What a lovely way to discover the real Bali! '
– J S, UK, 2006

'After the busy-ness of Ubud and the coast, this was the Bali I'd been waiting to see! '
– L D, Denmark, 2007

'Such beauty and grace, full of surprises and delight...'
– P M, Switzerland, 2008

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