World Network for Global Unfolding

Our experience living in Bali, running Nirarta and teaching Living Awareness and personal development programmes, here and around the world, blossomed in January 2006 into a much larger vision, with the inauguration of the 'World Network for Global Unfolding'.

Background to the World Network

It is obvious that there are myriad problems in the world, affecting individuals, families, communities, and ultimately the planet as a whole. As our hearts open, we naturally grow in compassion and the desire to help.

Unfortunately, we can easily feel overwhelmed by the range and enormity of the needs in relation to our limited means. We notice, too, that well-meaning intentions often exacerbate the problems they try to solve or end up creating new ones.

Things Happen Inevitably

At the same time, if we look at the larger sweep of history, we can see, retrospectively at least, a certain inevitability in how events transpire.

In the bigger picture, events unfold with a logic far beyond the will of any one person to determine – however influential some individuals may appear to be in shaping the direction of time.

Supporting Unfolding

Since what actually happens ultimately emerges from all the competing tendencies pulling in a given moment of time, the most positive influence we can have is to support the emergence of the best possibilities at any moment.

Alignment with the Source of Unfolding

Fortunately, this is not difficult. Life is progressive. When we come into alignment with the very core of the process of unfolding, just as it is happening, we shift from being a partial interference in the unfolding pattern, to a resonating presence and subtle conduit for the best possibilities in the pattern to emerge.

The World Network for Global Unfolding was created to support increasing alignment with the deep source of the natural process of growth and development happening in our own lives and in the world around us.

Embracing the World, While Supporting Transformation and Awakening

As such, instead of thinking of our world as sick, and in need of healing, we embrace the world as it is, while supporting the transformation and awakening that allow the best possibilities in the pattern to emerge spontaneously, both individually and collectively.

In practical terms, this means the World Network for Global Unfolding exists to

  • facilitate the creation of Centres for Living Awareness, like Nirarta, to
    • provide havens for rest and renewal, and
    • support development and unfolding in individuals and groups
  • create International Academies for Transformational Coaching and Leadership, to
    • develop the skills and leadership qualities for professionals to support unfolding in individuals, groups, organizations, communities, and cultures
  • create a network and community connecting those attracted to this purpose and vision
  • provide a forum for sharing and exchange for those wishing to contribute to local and global challenges in more conventional ways.

If you would like to support or be part of this initiative, please let us know.