Bayu Surya Yoga & Meditation with Mangku Mastra

Enliven Inner Energy and Awaken Inner Awareness

Bayu Surya Yoga and Meditation – dynamic exercises and postures to stimulate the flow of energy within the body and deepen the connection with the energy of Nature.

This process releaases inner blocks, prepares the way to deep meditation, and enlivens joy, happiness, and vitality in daily life

'Bayu' means energy or power and 'Surya' refers to the Sun and its energy which runs through our whole body radiating from the area around our Solar Plexus, our inner centre.


1. Introductory Session to Bayu Surya Yoga & Meditation (60-90 minutes)

2. Five-Day Foundation Course in Bayu Surya Yoga and Meditation Package

3. Three-Day Initiation and Foundation in Bayu Surya Yoga and Meditation Package

4. Bayu Surya Chakra Massage (1 hour)

Mangku Mastra received the main elements of Bayu Surya Yoga and Meditation spontaneously from the Teacher Within, in 2001 after a long search among the teachers of Bali and study of the traditional texts and mantras of Bali and India.

Mangku Mastra teaches his form of meditation within the community to local Balinese, whom he also serves as a healer and temple priest, centred on our close-by Pura Dalem (Deep Temple), which has been in the care of his family for generations.



Instruction in Bayu Surya Yoga and Meditation and sessions of Bayu Surya Chakra Massage are available at Nirarta on request.