Visiting group gathers for lunch


Bring Your Group to Nirarta

We welcome guest groups at Nirarta. We can host your seminar, retreat, or programme to explore Bali, its culture, and spirituality.

You can stay, following your own programme.

We can also help you organize walks, tours, and other activities listed in the Getaways menu.

Should you wish, and if dates are suitable, Peter, Dayu, and other Nirarta staff and associates can be available to co-lead your programme or feature as guest speakers.

Materials for offerings



Group Rates

For groups of 6 or more we offer a special inclusive package of meals, accommodation, and optional use of our wooden-floored meeting room space. Please ask.

Discovering 'songket' weaving



Planning Your Event

We can also arrange for you:

  • uplifting guided walks
  • informative tours
  • fascinating visits – temples, weaving, healers, etc.
  • healing massage
  • Balinese dance performances
  • dance classes
  • first-hand experience of the Balinese way of life and the central place of the sacred in it
  • inspiring guest speakers
  • airport and other transfers

Pausing outside a temple on a group walk



Walks and Tours

For guided walks in the rice fields, hills, forest, and villages, and for half- and full- day tours of the mountains and coast, make your selection from the Getaway options. Or tell us your proposed itinerary.

Local school children




  • Traditional weaving – ikat and songket (ceremonial brocade)
  • Local schools
  • Key temples and places of peace and power
  • Ceremonies and temple festivals (according to local events)
  • Healers/teachers

Tjok Rai checking energy balance



Transformational Healers

We can organize visits to some of the wise and gifted healers and teachers of Bali, such as Tjokorda Gede Rai arguably the most gifted exponent of traditional Balinese medicine and man of knowledge practising on the island today.

IP Made Gunung



Hight Priests and Teachers

We can arrange visits to a number of Balinese High Priests, who live locally, as well as outstanding spiritual leader, Ida Pedanda Made Gunung, who lives about an hour's drive from Nirarta.

Masked dancer interacting with participant
Masked dancer interacting with group member


Entertainment – Dance and Music

Have your group enjoy Balinese Dance performed and accompanied by live music from gifted local musicians and dancers. We can arrange for you:

  • A performance of selected Traditional Dances – such as Welcome, Legong, Bumblebee, Bird of Paradise, etc.. A great way to open you group!
  • Masked Dance – a medley of characters depicting the classic personality types and roles, from king to clown
  • Genjet – group singing and dancing inspired by the joys and sorrows of everyday life
  • Gambuh – Sacred dance-drama, rarely performed from a village about 30 minutes from Sidemen

Masked dance and Genjet have a measure of group participation for relaxation, fun, and builiding community.

We can also arrange lessons in Balinese masked dance, as well as ''tingklit' (bamboo) and 'gamelan' music.

Our staff also enjpy playing for you at meals or break times.

Group helping harvest Balinese rice
Group harvesting Balinese rice



Living the Culture

If you would like to experience somethng of the way of life here we can have your group

  • work in the rice-fields for a half-day or a day with local farmers
  • learn basket/mat weaving

Preparing offerings



Touching the Sacred

If your group has an interest in Balinese spirituality. We can

  • teach you how to prepare simple offerings
  • share the simple form of Balinese prayer in our family temple
  • arrange for a cleansing blessing at the home of a high priest in the village
  • involve you in ceremonies when these are going on

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Group Meditation

Twice-daily group meditation (7.30 am and 5.30 pm) is a constant for staff and community at Nirarta.

If your group has some experience of meditation, you are welcome to join us. Or, if your prefer, you can hold your own session of yoga or meditation.

Suryani addresses group at Nirarta



Inspiring Guest Speakers

We can arrange guest speakers and workshop leaders to your programme, such as Prof. Luh Ketut Suryani and her son and colleague, Cokorda Bagus (Cok Yaya), also a psychiatrist, meditation guide, and social activist.

Suryani, teaches her own form of meditation and a plethora of methods for drawing on the rich resources of spirit. She offers her own form of spiritual psychotherapy to reframe past memories and support inner healing.

She is a community leader and social activist who has tackled many pressing social issues, including substance abuse, pedophilia, suicide, and mental health in rural communities.

She is a treasure house of knowledge about the Balinese way of life and the challenges facing her people, to whom she is dedicated.


What Group Leaders Say

'Our groups are invariably moved, sometimes to the point of tears on arriving at Nirarta. The visit to Nirarta is a high point in our Bali programmes, both for our groups and ourselves'.

Carla and David Osgood, Clinical Psychologists, Burlington, VT, USA

'When I arrived at Nirarta the year before the retreat I was sure it was the right place to start. It is such beautiful place that Dayu and Peter created.

The place is definitely a power spot which holds so much peace, natural beauty, and tranquility.

The buildings and yoga meditation room are exquisitely designed with a lot of thought and care put in the place. 

The rooms are very comfortable and the view from the meditation room is amazing looking across at the mountains and rice feilds and the river below.

Beautiful warm gracious staff and fresh delicious food. We felt very well taken care of and everyone in the group realized it was a very special place and we were lucky to be there.

The beauty and setting  combined with our practise filled everyone up. People thought it was heaven on earth. I'm not exaggerating it's truly a magical spot very conducive for yoga and meditation. I'm looking forward to being there again next year.'

– Norah, Canada,  Group organizer

Arriving at Nirarta retreat, after traveling 24 hours from western Canada, was like entering my version of Paradise. 

The simpicity, beauty and serenity that embodies Nirarta is so nourishing to body and spirit.  The staff are all friendly and helpful, the food is delicious and the accomodations enhanced the experience of Bali's natural beauty. 

If you are looking for a quiet oasis, I highly recommended Nirarta.  It is a rare gem.

– Judith, Canada, Group Leader