Professor Dr. Suryani


Professor Dr. L.K. Suryani

Professor Luh Ketut Suryani is a Balinese psychiatrist, meditation teacher, healer, university professor, social activist and mother of six.

She is the co-author of a number of books, including The Balinese People, a critique of Bateson and Mead's perspective from the 1930s. She is also the co-author of Trance and Possession in Bali and two other books with Peter, Moksha and Living in the Spirit.

Suryani is dedicated to helping people draw on the extra dimension of spirit in everyday life. Her own full life – including active participation in Balinese public life and a number of social initiatives for the elderly, students, drug abusers, and the prevention and treatment of pedophilia – is an example of what is possible when we draw on the extra reserves of the transpersonal in our lives.

Her unique personality and perspective are deeply appreciated by groups she works with and have also been a pillar of strength for Nirarta since its inception.


Tjokorda Rai


Tjokorda Gede Rai

Tjokorda Gede Rai is a master healer and fountain of traditional knowledge and wisdom. He bridges the traditional models and symbology of Bali with the modern context with an ease that is irrepressible and fascinating, and full of a resonance which is deeply transformative for all who encounter him.

Besides his healing work, which is particularly sensitive to identifying and correcting imbalances in the body-mind system, he teaches his own system of modre, gestures and movements, called 'Pranala' to enhance the balance of mind and body and aid accomplishment and fulfilment in daily life.

Tjokorda's work – with its emphasis on development through the balancing and lively integration of opposites – is a modern and extremely relevant expression of currents that profoundly shape the Balinese way of life.

Tjokorda's approach has subtly moulded the direction of Nirarta from its inception, without any thought of it having to be so.



Jan Ardui

Jan is a leading coach, consultant, and trainer from Belgium, with whom Peter shares two decades of deep friendship and creative and professional collaboration, in many countries.

A certified Gestalt Therapist and respected expert in NLP, Jan has pioneered innovative systemic applications of NLP in business and organizational consulting. Recently he has brought the modelling of strategies of excellence to the centre of coaching and leadership development.

Jan, teaches internationally, sharing his passion for a way of thinking that is rooted in the heart and respectful of life's intrinsic aesthetics.

He is the developer, with Peter, of the seminal concepts of the approach underpinning Nirarta, which we call the 'Way of Unfolding'. He lives in Antwerp with his German wife Wiete and two sons, Kobe and Jesse.




Carla and David Osgood

Carla and David Osgood are practising clinical psychologists and teachers from Vermont, USA. They bring groups regularly to Bali to deepen their therapeutic and professional training with personal development and cross-cultural experience.

From their experience in Bali, David and Carla have developed a highly sensitive approach to cross-cultural communication, which enriches both the groups they bring and the people whose lives they connect with during their programmes.

Their work bridging consciousness, culture, and community is profoundly healing and transformative for individuals and groups they lead. It is an inspiration for what we aim to achieve with individuals and groups coming to Nirarta.

The Osgoods have been traveling and teaching in S.E Asia, the South Pacific, and Central America for many years.